Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Fantastic Acrobat!!

Well well! ... who can be better off in this field
of acrobatic? Our friend here is doing it with full confidence. He is swinging freely like a bird in the sky......... I am sure he will land immaculately!

Wild Orchids

I was travelling down the trunk road between Selangau and Sibu town. Along the road we can see this unexpectedly beautiful wild orchids
growing there. .....

The picture shows how one would see from far and the other is the close shot of same. Just appreciate how beautiful these orchids can be!!! That 's what nature can offer.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Pelik,Tapi Benar!!

Looks funny though!, but I get the message........ Maybe the world should relook at Esperanto again ha ha.

Well, sometimes that 's what communication is all about ...Getting the message across. Come to think of it, had the phrase been written the way it should be.......nobody would have probably really cared to read it.Ha ha that s the trick sometime in order to get attention.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Nostalgic Place by the River

Most probably not many can one find this type of building in not many years to come. Actually this type of dwellings are disappearing ('ditelan zaman', so to speak)in no time. In the past this particular one was used by my great grandparents to store 'ripo'(grinded sago logs) before it was processed to extract sgao flour in the traditional way termed as 'Mengenyak'. I bet not many people nowadays rememeber the term notably amongst the young Melanaus whose ancestors used to carry out such activity for their livelyhood.

On the other portion of the building, placed the 'Belanga' where sago pellets were produced, again by tradtional way and unique to the Melanau community. The 'Belanga' is actually an oven-like piece of work/place made up of dried clay. This is also the place where the Melanau biscuits-'Tebaloi' were/are baked.

Sooner or later this place will be just the memory of the thing in the past as less and less of our present generation engage in the above-mentioned activities.
However, it is not too late to capture this type of scenery if one travels down the river along Oya River(esp from Kpg. Medong,Kekan, Dalat, Tanam, etc), in Sarawak.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

This picture probably tells the future in the usage of the English language in this country..."HALF ROOD" close!!!
I think this will definitely happen by the way the emphasis is given in the teaching as well as its discontinuing usage in teaching Maths & science recently.
Then, how are we going to face the world if the language is seemed to be given a back seat treatment in our education system?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

What a Wonderful Performance!

Oh wow! I was so privileged this afternoon(3pm,Sunday,11th oct '09) to be able to attend the performances by some local groups(viz.KLpac, etc) and artists on the roof-top theatre(I remember it was a car park on top of Lot 10, Bukit Bintang sometime back). It was really a noble idea and effort of those involved to get to such facility created up there.I must congratulate those parties involved.....for job well done.

I walked around for a while and noticed a splendid landscape and roof-top greens, creatively done up there. I can imagine it can be a very pleasant and relaxing place to spend in the evening as I notice a nice restaurant there too. I definitely want to come back one day and watch other performances and try the cuisine up there.

I thank my daughter (Fiona Anne Kab), a performing art student herself, for getting me to attend the session this afternoon.

I really enjoyed the performances while at the same time appreciate the facilities they have. I hope they do keep it up for the benefits of theatre lovers and people who love the food!!!

Thank you....Have a pleasant weekend.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Launching my blog!

My blog is launched TODAY, 4th Oct 2009.

Welcome to my blog. Hope to share some of the thoughts we all have which we cannot express through other than this type of medium of communication. Hurray!

Have a pleasant weekend & blessed sunday!!!!